Electropolishing Rectifier
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Electropolishing Rectifier

We do Electropolishing Rectifiers for Industries and benefiting from the advantages of characteristics of electropolishing are numerous and continue to grow. The following are some of the technologies that have exploited electropolishing features:
Aerospace (e.g. Crack detection in castings) ,
Automotive(e.g. External wire-mesh car trim)
Chemical(e.g. Polymeriser vessels)
Semiconductor(e.g. Pipework and fittings for gases)
Food and beverage (e.g. Hot water tanks),
Hospital(e.g. Sterile furniture)
Surgical (e.g. Instruments and implants),
Marine(e.g. Boat handrails and fittings)
Paper and Pulp(e.g. Screen cylinders),
Nuclear(e.g. Plasma producing Torus)
High Vacuum(e.g. Vacuum chambers),
Pharmaceutical(e.g. Process tanks, pipes and valves)
Architectural(e.g. Lampposts and sculptures),
Leisure(e.g. Swimming pool ladders)